New year.
New Blog!

Since I have gotten really tired of sorting and double posting pictures on two different blogs... I have decided not to do it anymore!

As of now both Max and Zoey's pictures will be posted together at, which was our old blog before these little miracles came into our lives! And it does seem appropriate since they are Perrenoud people after all...

Oh Christmas Tree!!

We got our CHRISTMAS TREE today!
We went all the way up a mountain to get it and most of us had a very good time.
This was the babes first "real" encounter with the snow.
This was Max's initial reaction...
in case you couldn't read his very expressive face,
he's saying: PICK ME UP NOW!

My studly men dressed in orange!

He did warm up to the idea eventually....

but I think it's safe to say that he's not a HUGE fan of the snow and cold.
Proof: he wore the beanie I made him without instantly ripping it off! This was a first!

Snow Buddies

Daddy found us an AWESOME tree!

and Maxers cut it down for us!
He's pretty incredible!

Max had a good time walking in the snow.
He's such a big boy!

we've been having FUN!

We've been having a substantial amount of fun here at the Perrenoud house lately!
This is what we've been up to!

For FHE we made our own instruments!
(2 plates stapled together with beads inside)
They were very fun to play with but Max especially LOVED coloring them.


Which they both very much enjoyed...
and were placed promptly into the bath tub immediately afterwards.

Our SAMMI came to visit!!!
She only stayed a couple of days but we all had a BLAST!
Can't you tell?

We sometimes play dress up...

Is there something wrong in this picture?
You should know that the puppy was properly scolded by Max.

AND Max went to nursery ALL by himself for the very FIRST time!
I am very proud but also a little sad at how grown up my little boy is.
This is a picture of him with his very first nursery coloring page.
He is very proud.

I'd say he does pretty good work!

Max got another haircut, pretty sure this kid's hair grows at a ridiculous rate (not unlike the boy himself).
He couldn't decide whether being vacuumed tickled or made him angry.
Such a cute kid.

And the videos to go with the previous, overdue post...

Max blows kisses!
Zoey's attempts are pretty cute too.
He has very much embraced kissing and everyone around him are constantly receiving his big smooches!!
My personal favorite is when my two little love bugs pucker up and kiss each other!
Oh how I love them!
Another fun thing we've learned in the Perrenoud household is the HIGH FIVE!
They LOVE it!
And are pretty good at it too.
Max is super coordinated for how little he is...
coordinated enough to spin himself until he is too dizzy to stand!
And the video of Daddy and the kids "practicing" for when the snow inevitably comes!

The BLOGGING hiatus has come to and END!!

Max wearing Daddy's beanie.
Occasionally he can actually put it on himself.
He is one handsome dude!

Max got another haircut!
This face pretty much sums up his feelings about it.

He looked so handsome and grown up after all his baby hair was gone!
I had some mixed feelings about that...

This is why motherhood is just FANTASTIC!

Daddy is so generous with his sucker!

Max's new trick is to undress himself first thing in the morning before I get him up.
I guess it's a fun way to pass time.
I cannot tell you how many times I have gone in and found my little man just lounging in his crib shirtless.
This time however he got himself stuck!
He wasn't so pleased.
At all.

Diaper Box car!

Max had a slight mishap involving our front porch steps and the concrete below
(and perhaps a sprinkler he was playing with).

And then he had the EXACT SAME mishap the folowing day
and just added to his ever growing collection of scratches and scrapes!
I guess I better get used to it but I definitely don't like it!

I walked out of our bedroom one day and found this.

Daddy is such a fun guy!

Max repurposed Daddy as his own little recliner chair.

Here is just a peek into my world and what being Max's mommy entails.

First day of NURSERY!
Doesn't he look all grown up and excited!?!
(Dad is doing his hair so he would look especially handsome for his big day)

 I had to wake Max up one morning.
Turning on the light, calling his name, and a puppy good morning sniff was unsuccessful.
This kid is a DEEP sleeper, but a ridiculously cute one!

Max found his old exersaucer and decided that it was much more fun now that he can climb into it...
that is until he couldn't get out.

In case you didn't already know...
I have a FANTASTIC family!

Dancing 101

Max has recently discovered and embraced the art of dancing and it is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.
He is just plain adorable.

Growing up can be hard...

This picture pretty much sums up my week.
Max is teething... and it isn't pretty.
He is currently working on FOUR new teeth!!

Max's new obsession.
An empty ice cream bucket courtesy of Gammy.
It was love at first sight and HAD to come home with us.
It is a very cool toy.

Max has fallen in love with Zoey's new doll.
Of course he has.
And of course he's torturing her with it.

Playing in the awesome "fort" Dad made!!

We recently discovered that Max REALLY enjoys watching TV sitting in a BIG boy chair.
Being so big can get pretty exhausting sometimes.

Totem pole of my FAVORITE things!!

Max's face is priceless.


This video is the best.
You'll see.

Max is a very cautious little boy.
He wasn't too sure about the swing and took some time to warm up to it.
Just watch Max in the background...